How Much Does it Cost To Book You? 

When we put together a quote there a lot of aspects to consider including travel, venue, how long you want us for etc - Each package can be tailored to suit your function so visit the Get in Touch page and fill in your details and we will get back to you with  a tailored quote asap. 

Do You Provide All Lighting & PA Equipment?

The answer is Yes - We provide quality lighting and PA which is used for the band and also for the DJ sets - if required. The PA and Speakers are of high quality to accomodate any sized venue. We are also fully insured for any liability.

How Long Do You Take To Set Up? 

This is also dependant on the venue - but on average around 45-60 minutes. This is useful to know if you are booking us for a wedding so you can plan for us arriving at your venue and setting up around your guests etc. 

How Many of You Are in The Band? 

We are a 3 piece outfit - consisting of Guitar/Bass and Drums and lead and backing vocals. 

Are you Insured? 

Yes - We are fully insured so no worries there! :) 

Do You Take Requests? 

Absolutely! We love to take requests and if we can give them  a go we sure as hell will! However if it is for a first dance or something specific feel free to contact us and give us some notice to prepare. 

My Wedding Venue Has A Noise Limiter - Is This An Issue? 

The straight forward answer is no this isn't an issue, however noise limiters do cut the music out completely if you go over a certain decibel for too long. This can cause disruption to the set and people may wonder what is going on. Please let us know in advance if your venue has a noise limiter installed and we can plan accordingly.

Do you play charity events? 

Absolutely  - We would love to play for any event and support where we can. Any charity that wishes to book us will receive an instant 15% discount.